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About BeHouse

Travelling enriches your life.

About Us

June 18, 2021 by alicia

BeHouse is a company where the personalised tourist experience is a reflection of the vision of its founder: Valme. She started this entrepreneurial journey with a motto in mind: “treat the customer as I would like to be treated myself”, with this objective in mind the company began to take its course and develop its full potential.

Seemingly simple gestures make all the difference: availability and closeness.

At BeHouse you will find the right criteria based on extensive training and experience in the tourism and hotel sector in Spain and the UK. Amongst the talented staff that make up this company, there are profiles with a lot of experience in hotels, travel agencies and dealing with the public.

One of the driving forces behind BeHouse was to develop a unique space to personalise the tourist experience in Seville. It was essential to create a setting that would act as a bridge to bring the visitor the history, mystery, architecture and the magic of the smell and colour of Seville. This scenario is the tourist flats, each one with its own essence, style… Each tourist flat is a different experience!

Thanks to BeHouse people who visit our city find an offer that goes far beyond what they could expect. It’s not just about getting to know the historical, monumental, gastronomic part… With BeHouse you will have your own stories in the city. Let our staff advise you and this tourist experience will be a precious memory that you won’t forget. You will feel the real pulse and life of the city thanks to the vision of experts and lovers of Seville.

We are waiting for you! With the perfect accommodation awaiting your arrival. Your starting point in the heart of the city, full of good vibes and harmony.