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Integral Management for Owners

You can rest calm with the management of your tourist flats in our hands.

At BeHouse we offer a comprehensive service to owners of properties for tourist rental. We take care of the management and only invoice for the services provided.

The key to renting your property is to make it visible where tourists are looking for it. Thanks to our professional management of digital environments we make your properties visible.

BeHouse is a company with training and experience in the tourism sector and customer service that applies a maxim: “Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten” Henry Royce.

Based on this premise we create tourist experiences for our guests based on unique tourist accommodations like yours.

BeHouse is a company with training and experience in the tourism sector and customer service with a differential value:

“Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten.”
Henry Royce.

Based on this premise, we create tourist experiences for our guests based on unique tourist accommodation such as yours.

What services do we offer?

To manage the tourist rental of your property we have a wide range of up-to-date professional resources:

  • Digital Resources

    It is about being visible where guests are looking for. Your property will appear on different portals and search engines to gain visibility and facilitate rentals, such as Airbnb, Booking… with our experience we improve the profile of your property using resources such as:

    1. The right pictures.
    2. The most attractive ad composition.
    3. The most sought after location.
    4. Regular review and update of the ads.
    5. Different languages in the ads.
    6. Information of interest to the guests so that they find us and do not continue searching.
  • Right prices

    Our knowledge and experience will keep your pricing strategy optimised in the sector so that your property finds suitable guests quickly. We repeatedly review the supply and demand in the industry to price your property perfectly. Our pricing strategy involves:

    1. Analysis of the competition.
    2. Adapting prices to seasons and events.
    3. Adapting prices to supply and demand.
  • Bookings

    We manage tenant bookings digitally and on different technological supports. The key to success:

    1. Smooth communication.
    2. Your property will appear for booking on the appropriate websites.
    3. Convenience: bookings can be made from anywhere, any day and at any time.
    4. Reliability: well-known and secure websites are offered so that guests can book with all the guarantees.
    5. Information of interest to guests so that they find us and do not keep searching.
  • Check in/Check out

    We welcome guests and check the condition of the accommodation on departure. Control is necessary and optimises profits. The service includes:

    1. Welcoming guests on arrival.
    2. Facilitating the services that the guest needs, everything is possible with our team!
    3. Welcoming the guest in several languages.
    4. We check the property at the departure of the guest to check the condition at handover.
  • Impeccable

    By hiring our cleaning service we will keep your holiday rental impeccable to welcome each new guest. First impressions count first impression counts a lot, that’s why we bet for a good service, with years of experience and we always check the details. Cleanliness, tidiness and guest treatment is our priority.

  • Reforms, Decoration and complete maintenance.

    Keeping your property in good condition involves regular maintenance. At BeHouse you can also contract this service on a personalised basis for:

    1. Small masonry reforms.
    2. Repair of breakdowns caused by wear and tear or use of the installations.
    3. Painting.
    4. Revision of electrical and plumbing installations.
    5. Purchase and installation of small electrical appliances.
    6. Renovation of interior design and furnishings with a decoration project.
    7. Do you need something that we have not specified? Contact us, we have a wide network of collaborating companies that have been managing all the renovations of the tourist rentals we manage for years.

    We always work with the budgets approved by the property and in fluid contact during the maintenance or reforms contracted by the owner.

  • Registration of the apartment in tourism

    We take care of managing all the necessary documentation to register the flat in tourism. With Be House, the paperwork is simple and easy.

With the management of the tourist flat in our hands… Breathe easy!!!